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Crescendo ZenStrobe


  • EXTREMELY ACCURATE PITCH- forget manual tuning. The quick, precise response vibration sensor and real-time tight accuracy is accurate within +/- .1 cent! With 1/10 cent accuracy, it is among the most accurate tuners on the planet.  Yes, you pay a little more, but get a LOT more.


  • EASY TO READ ELECTRONIC DIGITAL LCD SCREEN- for use in all lighting settings, while compact for light travel. Virtually unbreakable and fits easily in your accessories case.


  • FOR THE DISCRIMINATING PRO- high quality for all pro musicians and those who aspire to be. The ZenStrobe offers simple operation and quick precision.


  • FEATURES- Automatic shut-off, 360 degree rotation for front or rear headstock position, sturdy clamp w/ soft silicone rubber to protect your axe.  Battery included. Full 3-year warranty!



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